Dell cares team members are only Dell media people and therefore despite many stating they are A.I they are in fact human like the rest of us mortals.

So at all times try and treat them with the utmost respect or how you want to be treated it’s called mutual respect.

It’s not their fault they work for a company that in most countries of operations they do not care about things like brand loyalty or mutual respect but that does not mean if you are upset at the lack of action in your own dispute you need to stay calm and document every interaction.

It is also obvious the name of the game is called causing utter frustration on your part and you basically walk away again and keep your cool as they are made to handle this interaction this way their compliance might we be different from the way you would treat them.

Keep a record of all documents and screen captures they ask you to provide them safely and well.

There seem to be so many staff with few or very few line managers or supervisors on call at any given time they also seem to be spread very thin over all the globe’s timelines.

Remember they are under a contract to do a particular job under high-pressure means and at the end of the day they don’t decide anything they merely report to more senior officers up the chain of command.

At all times try and be concise tell them what they ask and hold your ground or keep docs to give to your issuing banks through electronic means of pieces of evidence to your computer’s case files and you will be fine failing that reports on your story below.


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