Dell Service Tag Information has zero to do with YOUR security but everything to protect Dell from potential customers putting two plus two together and coming up with all the problematic and faulty Dell products out there.

When customers first report the Dell-bought product problems they mostly also report their own PC dell service tag and the dell cares teams jump into action by telling customers 2 things

  1. Please remove your service tag number.
  2. Please contact us by private message.

These things have nothing to do with security or your identifying personal information it is simply them telling you politely to shut up from telling the world what Dell products are crap.

This also stops the conversation about problem products from being aired on the dell community forums to also stop the search engines from picking it and telling the world what this website is about to do.

With the help of our readers help we are going to start our very own DELL SERVICE TAG and Dell product Database of Dell faulty products.

What we want you to do when you find read this post is please post below your Dell model name and service tag number that way we can prove that it’s the correct service tag for that model and your complaint is valid it also allows or stops Dell from saying this website is lying by using their own product support pages to tell everyone who may be interested in buying such a model or product in the future.

If Dell has done next to nothing for you thus far the service tag info gleamed from these threads will surely wake them up and put pressure on Dell to get their consumer head heads on and get it sorted.

Please post your information in the comments box below pointing out;

  1. Your service tag,
  2. Your Dell Model Number,
  3. A brief description of what’s wrong with your dell device and this website will do the rest and build a comprehensive database of faulty dell products.

This website is the result of appalling customer service that the Dell community requires to vent their anger and hopefully get Dell management to see what’s really going on in their business model.

Every business should welcome dispute websites such as these as they only cost $10 to set up and millions to put their company back to being a number one tech company with brilliant customer satisfaction and support something most of us in 22/23 is unlikely to ever receive!

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