Dell has their very own community forums that are meant to help its end users understand technical and software issues but totally control negative comments which helps no one other than Dell.

I get it it is there to do as they wish, they pay for the server and staff it but the way the Dell Community is being used is only there to protect their business model and silence free speech.

So new users might find for example there are certain words one may type that are simply not allowed to be used on their community support pages like for example;

GOD, JESUS, RIPP-OFF, CRAP, RUBBISH, SWEARING WORDS, ARBITRATION, and anything that might cause Dell a squeaky bum time regarding things like I am thinking of taking you to court for example.

But for dell it’s great they don’t require to test anything they have all their customers doing their job for free but as soon as that turns into a problem manufacturing issue you are quickly asked to do private messaging this is a 2-way win for dell 1/ They are the first to find out what issue might be causing the alleged failures and 2/ Other end users are kept in the dark what may be about to happen to their unit.

Of course, it is also possible there is a third hidden win for Dell and that comes in the form of end-users not fully aware of just how large the problem might be but the dell-cares team will be able to red-flag the issue internally.

Just how that helps the end users is obviously NOT at all, but the same can’t be said about Dell they get to keep their reputation intact other potential customers won’t be aware there are huge issues because hardly anyone is talking about it.

It’s handy for raising consumer concerns but it’s not for the end users’ benefit its all dells and if you get your head around it before you start interacting with the forums you the end user may get a lot more out of it than them and that’s the purpose of this post, power to dells end users – at long last!

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