How does Dell’s computer laptop exchange work in practice, a lot harder than it needs to be is the simple answer?

Ok, you have read the rest of this dell disputes website and somehow you have managed to get either the dell cares team or dell tech department you have a faulty device and you think ah it’s all sorted, then you would be wrong!

You have only reached the first stage, the second stage requires yet more unknown dell actors called the Dell regional exchange team.

Once the exchange is approved, the regional exchange team will get in touch with you with the details of the system. Then a tracking link will be shared once the system is shipped.

Once you receive the replacement system, you will receive the details for the system collection within 7 business days.

Then a few hours later if your lucky you get this sent to you;

Could you share the following details for me to arrange the replacement?

• Complete name:
• Complete address with postal/zip code:
• Email address:
• Primary phone number:
• Alternate phone number:
• Best time for the service:
• Best time to contact you:

Also, to validate your system warranty and support eligibility, we require you to write the details below on a sheet of paper, place it beside the serial number / Service Tag sticker and send us a picture of it.

1. Service request number / Case number: *******
2. Registered owner’s name:
3. Current date and time:
4. Current location :

Now bearing in mind you have a refurbished unit already or you have had heavy use one might not have access to the second part of their request but the fact they have been talking to you for months at a time why on earth would they require this information anyway – yes all by dell design again! Same old story.

At no point will dell do a straight swap out as that is far too complicated for a tech giant like dell!

Both the exchanged unit or devices will be handled by different dell departments in the delivery of the newly refurbished unit and the new unit.

It does make one wonder how many of these refurbished units are being swapped out many times and how many end users is a very valid concern.

At the end of the day, a full refund can always be requested if the refurbished unit is displaying the same faults as it may be a design fault which means the entire model range is at fault, not just a few.

Anyway, why does there need to be so many hoops for an end user just to get what their warranties say they are entitled too seems an utterly pointless exercise that must surely cost the business so many extra costs unless it is just the dell design to do all they can to annoy their customers to never buy from dell again!

As a gentle reminder of the above many examples of very poor dell customer service can be found on the web here is just another screen capture to prove its all by dell design.

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