Dell regional device exchange team image.


Dell regional device exchange teams, what do they do, who are they, and do they even exist in real life?

With Dell, your mind has to question everything they get up to and say, it’s generally not a nice user experience we are afraid to say so far.

Now we get to the point where after the dell end-user has jumped through every imaginable hoop dell can throw at their disgruntled customers who dare to request a refurbished device exchange you typically get a message such as this below.

We have raised a system replacement request and the regional exchange team is working on it. They will get back to you with an update as soon as they find the best suitable configuration system.

If like us you dare to question such rubbish you then get this standerd response from the dell response onscree respons app they use to hoodwink you. 

I understand how important it is for you to have the issue resolved at the earliest. Our system exchange team is working on your request. They will contact you directly and take this forward until the replacement system is delivered to you.   They will be getting in touch with you via email and assisting you further until the replacement process is complete.

We ask if these Dell Regional device exchange teams even exist because let’s face it’s a grand title but how hard is it for a tech giant like dell to match up one device with another like for like refurbished device?

We at thinks it’s just another grand design of building up customer frustration in the grand dell design of taking forever to do anything to promote great customer relations or even the very basics of a general duty of care towards its customer base.

Perhaps we are unkind but how long would it generally take for a dell regional device exchange team member to find a reasonable replacement device if a customer can find available systems for sale in their country in what 20 seconds are the main reason end users of Dell gets them so infuriated with this tech giant.

But we are here to tell you it’s just part of the games that dell wants to play for whatever stupid reasons that make zero commercial sense to anyone outside the dell bubble.

We will keep you all updated on this live dell developing event.

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