Who are they and what do they do?

Has anyone in the Dell community ever heard of the global commercial exchange operations department, who are they and what they do, and whether they are any good?

After 4 long months of having to suffer from a faulty supplied G15-5521 SE gaming laptop, Dell has finally sent an email claiming they are sending a like-for-like refurbished unit, Let’s hope it’s better than the last one.

I will share exactly what they sent me 1 hour ago and ask yourself if you were sent this one bright morning does it say anything you personally could understand?

Hi Mr. *** *******,

We have processed the request for the Dell replacement system and it will be the exact same specification as the original order.

The new unit will be delivered in 8-10 working days.
Order # *216711, Omega Order # *92376111
The faulty unit pickup date is 25th January 2023, which may be delayed.
Please ensure the system is packed and add the Reference Number- 04748158294 on the box.

Please note the remaining warranty from your original system will be transferred to your new tag once your faulty system has been returned to Dell. This is an automatic process that we are unable to change. I trust this is to your satisfaction, please do not hesitate to reply with any queries or questions regarding the order.

Ab**** R***** A
Senior Technician | Global Commercial Exchange Operations
Working Hours: Mon – Fri | 9:00am – 6:00pm (IST)

What the hell is an Omega order number?

To track any dell order one would go to this webpage HERE.

None of the numbers they gave me is recognized as yet so how are end users meant to track anything Dell sends to anyone?

This shows just how bad this global tech giant has become you can’t trust anything they say because why would they give you tracking codes that were not in the system first?

If the community has any thoughts on these guys please post a comment below if it was a good or bad experience.




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