UK dell order tracking still not working after months of Dell telling its customers, don’t worry we are going to sort this mess, oh no they never did.

When you buy from dell they are mega quick at the paperwork but sending you tracking details is like living in the bronze age, if you value your sanity don’t buy from dell online, you’re going to regret it.

Now it’s true if you buy refurbished you looking at a 3-5 day delivery but they won’t tell when or even who in reality is normally DHL.

Now I tell the truth unlike you guess who, so here is my order number and it will look like this all invoices.

Invoice No: 2417459*** – Customer No: GB21001*** – Dell Order No : 192376*** Page 1 of 3

In your, dell CP look at accounts.

Then hit track delivery, and you then get to here;


YOU THEN ADD YOUR ORDER NUMBER >CLICK TRACK ORDER>ANOTHER BOX OPENS ENTER YOUR DELL CUSTOMER NUMBER > CLICK TRACK ORDER and nothing happens this is a massive tech company that can’t even do the basics right.

Sometimes it actually works chances are it will be after goods are delivered though and 10 days off your work in the process!

Now others in the community have had more luck as have I by searching out DHL Tracking instead.

Tracking | DHL | United Kingdom

So what you do is you put 39999 in front of your dell order number with no spaces and it’s much better results, sometimes.

We are only telling this because DELL is useless how they have managed to stay in business this long is anyone’s idea, I am frankly clueless myself.

The Dell community is full of Dell delivery horror stories but a curious thing is it seems to switch the tracking on the day they will deliver it is just the fact they don’t send you an active crystal ball first.

Please, don’t say you were never warned.

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