Please trust us when we say that the Dell community forums are for the most part a complete waste of your time.

After 700 messages back and forth in the last 5 months feeling like you are a y0-yo and getting nowhere fast one comes to the conclusion you are not dealing with a real person but you might well be talking to a machine like AI.

It is all by design, if you get any advice it’s only given with the briefest of instructions always screen grab what they are telling you to do and ask for the caller ID before you do anything with your devices.

The first thing you will notice is the lack thereof of English being their first language, it might well save Dell loads of money but if there is a lack of returning customers this will be the number one reason in English-speaking markets.

The non-machines try really hard and they are super friendly but sorting complex queries requires a lot more than they can provide after a few goes ask to escalate to a supervisor I have been told by Dell management if requested they have to do it but at least then you get an actual name of a human.

The next thing you learn is they don’t listen or read at all well which only infuriates end users more to the point if they still can they end up sending goods back for refunds of course dell gains there as well.

If you can’t agree mutually on whats defective or at fault, dell gets 20% of the price or more for restocking this faulty unit then goes on the refurbished listing and the merry-go-around continues its possible that in highly sought-after gaming laptops might be resold 3 times more than its original retail price nice profit for dell there.

It could be the reason they contracted out their customer services out to Asia to make it easier to be refurbished kings of tech devices and no one has a clue they might just be crap after all.

Be prepared to be asked questions that unless you are a highly qualified computer nerd will be next to impossible for you to complete, they were unlucky with me I am such a person.

They hate giving out replacements even if they are refurbished, they just want to refund, I think its a tax fiddle or tax deductible but as a consumer, they have to attempt to repair the same fault twice and then ask for a replacement, in most countries they cant refuse this request.

As soon as a fault develops number 1 advice is to contact the card company you used to pay for it if you’re a retail buyer.


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