Dell 1 Year of Basic Onsite Service.

One call fixes it all, if you need a repair after remote diagnosis, we can be onsite* the next business day.

In Dell’s dreams, it will be your worst nightmare.

Great new Dell sales slogan but it’s all lies many that have gone through the “onsite please help me after just one call” will be sadly disappointed they make the customer jump through so many highly technical hoops you will end up being a tech-savvy offside tech expert yourself.

Please remember if you’re not talking to artificial intelligence online you will talk to a customer care team member that’s as thick as mince and it is not their fault, it’s Dells.

That is why this sales slogan below is pure fiction!

One call fixes it all, if you need a repair after remote diagnosis, we can be onsite* the next business day.

Those words are class but 99% of the time it will never happen in that way and if Dell directors don’t know it they are lying it is all done by their direct design model.

Don’t take our word for it, go to their own community forums in fact, the first call you make you will be directed to make an inquiry on their dell community forum where you will be presented with dell’s first official we are sorry line followed by we are sorry you were inconvenienced.

Get used to that line you may read it several times a day every day for the next several months, it might be a lot cheaper getting a local pc repair shop to do the repair.

I started this dell disputes portal after 600 hours of logged time trying to explain I had a faulty motherboard and that I am a self-taught tech-savvy expert but trying to tell that to non-tech Dell-cares team members.

One call fixes it all, if you need a repair after remote diagnosis, we can be onsite* the next business day.

Great sales slogan but it’s a myth and a big fat lie!

You have been most truly and very sincerely warned.

A typical dell complaint scenario;
Jan 11, 20232:08 pm EST
Featured Review

We keep getting the runaround and we keep getting disconnected and then nobody calls us back. We keep getting transferred to many different people who are trying to sell us an upgrade or trying to sell us a new hard drive, but the Dell rep said that they were going to send someone here to replace the hard drives because we are under warranty is no longer contacting us and anyone else at Dell even though they look at our notes tells us that it is not in our warranty. They also say our hard drive is not solid state and that is how it was sold to us, and they never told us that we needed a solid-state hard drive. They say that it is not under warranty because it is not part of our original configuration, which we were never warned about when we were buying the laptops. We are never going to buy a Dell product ever again, and we are telling everybody that we know that Dell is not living up to their old standards and their product.

In the meantime, my husband and I who have identical laptops and bought them at the same time from Dell, have major issues, and my husband needs it for work. But Dell doesn’t seem to care anymore like it used to.

He spent hours on the phone and got transferred multiple times, and nobody at Dell seems to care.

Dell Review: Dell laptops –





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