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2023-01-25 | 15:43h
2023-01-25 | 15:46h

I have opened a resolver case against DELL UK for failure to provide the replacement device with a full 12-month onsite warranty, dell wanted to use my existing warranty balance which means losing 5 months.


This shows how easy it is to open a resolver case going forward for everyone reading this post.

Sent on 24/01/23 at 23:01 GMT
Product warranty issue
Dear Sir / Madam,
I am writing to you to raise an issue about Computer Manufacturer
The issue that I experienced was: Bought a refurbished dell G15 5521 gaming laptop on 23/8/22
5 days later it got delivered on day 2 I discovered this laptop was overheating badly to the point there
was a smell of burning so it was dangerous to use.
I contacted dell directly and was told to you use their community forums to get a service engineer,
Dell claimed it was a software issue to start with and stated it was the hardware.
400 messages later they sent out an engineer for an onsite repair attempt he stated he thought it was
requiring a new motherboard as the replacement ordered heatsink and fans made no difference to
only slightly better.
200 more PRIVATE messages later and from day 2 of ownership dell finally agree to send
replacement like for like and deliver the second now fully working unit on the 5th Jan 2023.
Dell now informs me that I will now lose 5 months of on-site warranty for something that could not be
used for the first 5 months after giving me notice they were sending a replacement.
Yet if I got a full refund and bought again the same device I would get full 12 months warranty. These
are unfair contract terms.
it is not the consumer’s fault that dell took 5 months to delay the shipment of a replacement unit and
should honor the warranty in full I have tried really hard to reason with dell but they will not budge.
It occurred on: 26/08/2022
This meant that I logged over 600 hours trying to get this resolved with the dell-cares team and I am
very tech-savvy, I feel if I was a little old lady I would not have a chance, so much so that I started a
dell disputes/complaints website to warn, and alert other customers of their very bad faith and sharp
business practices at
If Dell is unwilling to give a full onsite warranty from the delivery of the replacement unit ( Service tag
C33KYR+ ) then a full refund of £981 should be in order.
Dell should compensate me for the sheer time it took to get a faulty device replaced was sheer agony,
I told them from the start I suffered from severe anxiety and depression and they could not care less.
I have all correspondence if so required but an 8 MB limit on your evidence uploads won’t scratch the
surface on the evidence side.
I did request a dell SAR which they partially delivered around 5% of all correspondence last week so
another consumer failure.
5 / 8
Brian H….. complaint against Dell Computer Manufacturer case 10466696
Dell said were very sorry about nearly all community replies that I was forced to use but I think they don’t
really mean it is just another delaying tactic by design to get the customer frustrated to give up on
any warranty claims customers may be entitled to, it’s just shocking how they treated me something
has to change.
The final thing this resolver service needs to know is if one is using their dell community service and
you’re not switched on to the way they conduct their side of consumer requirements the dell cares
the team can email you twice in so many hours not days if you don’t answer them even with a simple
acknowledgment or by writing OK they will drop your complaint to the bottom of the pile without
They confirmed this to me in writing several times even after they may have offered you a mutually
the agreed solution, I was OK with this as I am a sick and mostly housebound disabled person but if you
are an international traveler or a very busy person you are in a whole world of hurt!
It is utter madness to conduct customer services like this in the UK.
I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. As recommended by Trading Standards, I
would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply to this email address.
Yours faithfully,
Brian Hunter
Serial number service tag 3P245N+
Where did you purchase the product? online with dell outlet UK.


Submitted to resolver 11 pm on the 24th Jan 23

UPDATE AT 11.01 AM the following day (today 11.01 AM)

From the Dell exec office in Dublin – they have agreed to the 12-month warranty once they get back the faulty device which is due to be picked up later today by DPD.

Nothing to report on a compensation offer as yet?

More on this story here.


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