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2023-02-04 | 21:25h
2023-02-04 | 21:25h

Dell’s head office in Dublin, Ireland capitulates in my UK consumer complaint that Dell tried to penalize me for their incompetence by waiting 5 months for replacing a faulty G15 5521 gaming laptop and losing 5 months of on-site warranty in the process.

It is true, I had a faulty and very hot motherboard and it took 600 messages to the Dell-cares team which is a total waste of space and your and their time.

When they agree to replace a device irrespective of whether it’s a new fault or old fault they only want to give you your remaining warranty life span but my unit was classed as a DOA.

Less than 3 hours later after submitting a UK RESOLVER CASE complaint, Dell called me and for the 500th time told me directly they were sorry again and the 12-month warranty would now be honored by dell again.

This is what they said – please note exactly their wording as it’s pie-in-the-sky consumer crap.

Dear Mr. H******,

This is with regards to our telephonic conversation.

My name is Marshal Bayliss and I am a part of the Advanced resolutions service team. We represent Dell corporate office for UK / Ireland and I am contacting you with reference to your complaint that has been brought to our executives notice. We are the single point of contact towards such concerns and I am engaged on this particular case to assist you further.

We regret any inconvenience caused in your recent experience with Dell services and will ensure that necessary actions are taken to curb such situations in future. Please be assured that we will certainly stand by our products and offer assistance in alignment with the warranty entitlement on your system.


Having said that, we understand that you have requested for the warranty contract on the new replacement unit to commence from the date of delivery. Please be advised that the service provided so far was in alignment with the original warranty contract that had begun in August 2022 and the remainder warranty period is automatically transferred over to the new replacement.

However, given the history of the case and understanding your request, we have agreed to provide a new 1year warranty contract starting from the date of replacement system being delivered, as a onetime Good will gesture. The new warranty start date is 7th of January 2023 and will expire on the 7th of January 2024. The warranty extension is a documented contract and will be honored by all the support teams in Dell.

Kindly contact technical support or respond to this email if you have any further queries and necessary arrangements will be made for resolution when required.

We regret the difficulties you have experienced in this case and appreciate the co-operation you have extended in allowing Dell to resolve this matter.


Marshal Bayliss

The grammar is rather shocking but this is my reply below for the sake of full transparency.

Thank you for your quick response Marchal, it’s not a goodwill gesture in the UK its actual consumer law when the goods are in fact classed as DOA as it was reported within the first 30 days of ownership.

I went to the resolver service on 2 counts the other as compensation for the 600+ logged hours trying to get this matter resolved, with over 400 messages telling me that dell was very sorry for the great inconvenience caused to me.
So what is 600 hours worth, Marchal, surely not an extra 5 months on-site warranty which should have came as standard anyway, and as you rightly state I am helping Dell a lot more?
It is not my fault 15 different Dell supervisors and various internal teams were incapable of resolving a simple replacement device issue in over 5 months.
Kind regards,
So it will now be a simple case of allowing the case then to be escalated to the next stage as I think monetary compensation is required and absolutely should be given to all dell customers who have been through the wringer of incompetence by Dells customer services worldwide so bad it is just not good enough.
I am pleased to state my new G15 5521 is working great with 20c fewer mobo temps than should be.
I will keep our readers updated with all the latest news on this subject matter at hand.

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