Lambda-Tek, Oxford Ltd, customer complaints reviews seems to want to be the next disputes website that the tech community might want to take a very good look at before purchasing anything from them.

It is with great sadness I was forced to write this negative comment and thread. it seems they are the same as Dell they are great until you require their support.

The tech industry claims there’s only a 1% failure rate and kind of blames most of this on user error.

But when an experienced PC system builder says they have a faulty graphics card and shows screen captures that shows windows is reporting a faulty device and AMD drivers are doing the same their reply was *that can not be considered as a fault!

You can’t make this up, and I never once asked for a refund I simply asked for a replacement while they tested the 6650XT graphics card.

I was only wanting them to keep to their own terms and conditions but when they were found out they accused me of lying and claimed if I put up any negative reviews on line like trust-pilot they were going to sue for slander, good luck with that one guys.

I will show they were in the wrong plain and simple one can’t do that on customer review websites but we can on here, unlucky.














The above clearly shows a faulty card and yes it can be faked but with only one device at a time, but I never wanted a return, I wanted a replacement so one would have to go through some hassle just to get the very same device is simply nonsensical and stupid!

Word of caution about this firm it seems not only by myself but other online reviewers are reporting they are very nasty to customers daring to ask for RMA – returns and they try like hell to become the victims for whatever reasons I have no clue.

I am thinking of reporting the company directors to companies house, 3 days ago they asked me for time to review 8 emails only still waiting for a reply, its obvious they have been caught up doing what they do best, not our problem gov!

Was purchased on PayPal thank god, sent back on 17th of May 2023. signed for that day at 12.43pm and heard nothing from them so not only will they sulk one has to send back faulty goods but instead they will do the 14 days before returning any payment which just shows they can not be trusted tech supplier.

They also cancelled my account with them before issuing myself with the RMA eBuyer does the same trick to make it obvious if one buys from these sources any faulty returns, they might ban you from future purchases because in their eyes they are the victims NOT customers who just got unlucky through no fault of their own.

If it can happen to a 4000 plus system builder what chances have you got better dealing with Scan, Box and the wonderful that has 30 day returns for any reason and they pay for it!

For the record their sales manager Chris and delivery manager Neil are top blokes and will do everything to help you but it seems their returns department is the guys from hell.

Lets hope their Directors Tom and Helena get to grips before service levels drop and there is no return for them and Mr. Thomas Group Manager comes up with the requested apology or another dispute website will be born out of the ashes and there was simply no need for all this aggravation and utter nonsense for just £294.

When the card, GIGABYTE 6650 XT OC was not crashing it was excellent and would be great card for gaming so purchased the same card 4 days ago and its not crashed once and performing even better.

Just remember that most recent AMD cards are design locked and at best no more than 2-6% performance can be gained despite what AMD says but scores 21000 in passmark 11.0 but the faulty card could not get past 18,000 I think its a VRM issue as it was the only thing that looked somewhat off in HWinfo.

Would I recommend this card, absolutely, would I recommend Lambda-Tek, well I used to but really not sure anymore and they removed my account so is impossible for me to change my mind over time is it? 

Lets see how long it takes to apply the refund?

If you have a bad or even a good story about Lambda-Tek please leave a comment below?

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