This dell disputes website is allowed by internal law in all jurisdictions and by WIPO under the auspices of a trademark or organization that has many or a few customers in official dispute with that corporate entity.

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End-users of dell inc may either have great or negative views that this website deems as their own and the admin of this won’t interfere unless it’s defamatory or racist in its application where it may be edited or deleted by the on-all admin staff or deleted ASP.

The purpose of this Dell disputes and complaints website will be implied or otherwise highlight the ongoing plight of some customers and their current or past interactions with the Dell-Cares team and Dell Technical departments.

The main purpose of this website was to help Dell understand that their systems of customer care are currently in a sorry state and requires attention but if it’s all by Dell design then this site is very much needed and may warn new potential purchasers that may well be dell’s next consumer victims’.

This disputes websites will be done when we have transformed Dell’s customer services befitting the Dell trademark and be the best they can be and retain their duty of care of providing the highest standards of tech aftercare besides they say they are the best now it is the time to prove it.