Dell’s 1-year like-new warranty with premium onsite support service has many problems with one, in particular, it is almost impossible to get them to come to you.

Well, that is the case for most consumers in the UK and if they do a call-out boy are you going to have to fight for it to happen?

It sounds like a great on-site service until you have to use it and then you realize it was a bad idea perhaps of going with a Dell product.

The first port of call is not as easy as some might think as it is virtually impossible to contact them by calling them, their terms and conditions are very vague at best.

End users then have to go through the dell community where their admin teams take over and you start the 100-plus message go-arounds that will make one cut your wrists and it’s all done by design to basically get you the customer to just give up or take it somewhere else at your cost to get it repaired.

Now you find the dell-cares teams won’t tell who they are unless you threaten legal action, yes you read that correctly so if the warranty is the same as new why would anyone in their right mind buy a new Dell device or devices?

Even once you do that is not a guarantee they will send out a repairer, they will get you to do every technical test they can think of whether you have that technical ability or not!

In fact, they sometimes ask you to do things that when you send them the information they required they then ask you to them what the report actually means all designed to frustrate you into giving up.

Then they ask everyone who wants a technician to then send all their information by Microsoft teams or from google one drive yeh right most people would not have a clue how to do that!

Most pc manufacturers have proper call centers but NOT DELL, why not?

We say it’s by design to ultimately for them to save money and just when you think yes we are getting the call out they ask you to sacrifice your 1-year onsite warranty by lying to you, it is quicker for them to send it back to the factory.

What they won’t tell you is it’s in China you can’t make this stuff up and once they have your device you might take a long time to ever see it again.

If you are residing in the UK simply tell them if any of the above happens to you that you are thinking of using the free resolver service and they will send out a repair guy but twice if unsuccessful bet off asking for a refund instead and do all this within 6 months of ownership or if after that it develops a fault it will be up to you to prove the device is faulty.

So in reality sounds great but is very difficult to process I have built over 2000 computers from scratch and I failed at one onsite repair ( not the dell techs’ fault) and500+ messages later in four months and waiting for a replacement G15 5521 for the last 4 weeks shows this premium on-site support is all but a clever online porky and an urban Dell myth.