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How good are Dell Gaming Laptops and should I buy one in 2023, how good are dell customer and technical services are they reliable?

How good are dell gaming laptops in 2023, if it was anything like my G15 5521 in 2022 not very well at all, before this site was developed I thought I was on safe ground after purchasing many previous G15 and XPS that had the build quality as a Sherman tank.

As an author of this Dell’s complaints web portal, I just had to warn the gaming laptop and desktop community that the dell gaming good name of the past was but a distant memory.

I have had major problems with an overheating motherboard on a 12700h version of the G15 5521 SE that is reaching 109c and it took 2 months just to get dell to send a technician with new heatsinks that were not faulty but they never took any notice of me and still don’t,

I have built over 1200 pc systems but what do I know?

It seems dell contracted out its entire customer care team to Asia, they are really nice most of the time but no matter how one tries you won’t get far as if it is by design by dell to do naff all, now that might be unfair but take my case.

I am classed as an expert yet I have written over 500 detailed reports to the dell Care team over 4 months what chance has a little old lady got?

So their tech team is in fact not there if they are I have never spoken to any of them in 4 months of trying.

Are they reliable yes at talking the hind legs of everything other than your actual computer problem or problems?

In my opinion, they are next to useless if you are unlucky to purchase a faulty Dell Device, HP would never treat you like this nor would Lenovo.

They need to change their ways very quickly or the consumer part of their business will collapse altogether, so all we can do is warn others and hope Dell comes to their collective commercial senses.

if you the reader think this is right or wrong please post your own personal account in the comments section below.

So how good are dell gaming laptops in 2023, well if they don’t develop any faults it will be fantastic, if it does you are basically on your own as the onsite warranties are just in name only!